RMS Process Optima

Innovative IT solution
for optimal care in the nursing homes

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Resident e-cards

RMS Process Optima allows you to transfer information about wards and services from paper to personal electronic cards

  • Residents card

    to transfer the information about residents from paper in database by using residents e-cards.

  • Medical card

    information about the provided medical services, care, carried out procedures, features of the ward (intolerance, allergies, habits).

  • Care program

    to identify the dependency level of each resident and its dynamics, using GIR, FIM, etc.

  • Assessment of the workload of staff

    to plan and evaluate the real staff load according to the number of residents and their dependency level.

HRM - employee management module

  • Employee card

    contains personal information of the employee, schedule shifts, a list of documents of the employee.

  • Vacancy and relationships

    the system allows you to create vacancies and look for candidates for positions. All workflow in one place.

  • Scheduling shifts and vacations

    to plan shifts depending on the daily needs of the different qualifications of employees.

Creating tasks and monitoring execution

Optimizing the work of employees is to generate tasks and monitor their implementation. A mobile application is one of the most effective tools, due to the ability to implement:

to control the tasks in real time
to correct their progress the tasks, if necessary
to control the quality (mobile application)

Resource accounting

The module of accounting and expenditure statistics allows to carry out objective control and needs assessment depending on the number and degree of independence of residents.

Menu and product accounting

allows you to create a menu based on the available products in the warehouse, carry out an audit and replenish the stocks on time. This approach allows you to optimize food and food costs

Drugs accounting

the module allows you to create traces of the leftover drugs in the warehouse, conduct an audit and replenish stocks in a timely manner. This approach greatly simplifies the work of medical personnel


allows you to get up-to-date information about the number of resources in the warehouse, track the delivery history and resource consumption

Cloud and SAAS

RMS Process Optima is a cloud and SAAS that allows you to easily replicate and adapt it to the business processes of each particular institution, and also to use it without the cost of purchasing an expensive software license (payment for the system is carried out in the form of a subscription fee).
The system allows you to significantly reduce staff costs.

24 hour system support;
training and consulting support staff;
development and creation of the necessary analytical reporting;
regular updates of the system taking into account market and technology trends

As a result of using the system of achievement:

  • Full and clear monitoring of staff activity and services quality 
  • Reduction of routine work related to obtaining information and reporting from subordinate institutions / departments.   
  • Increasing of services targeting and quality, due to the automatic evaluation of seniors needs and their dynamic, with reference to the tasks distribution between employees.
  • Significant increasing of staff efficiency and general institution efficiency. 
  • Costs control and calculation of product needs, drugs, material resources, etc.   
  • Sales and beds occupancy percentage increasing.

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