PORUS Patronage

is developed to ensure the planning, management and monitoring of the activities of employees of social institutions, accounting and analysis of the results of their activities


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The process of providing social services is as transparent as possible

Get on-line reporting

All data is stored electronically and easily generated in reports and statistics. This allows us to see both the overall picture and the particular details of the work done.

Main advantages

PORUS Patronage is a distributed system that supports activities
institutions of the social sphere, in terms of the scope of functions
ahead of other developments, scaled for
centralized operation of thousands of users with different functions and
parameters of access to information. The system has a wide
functionality for information support of the whole range of tasks
strategic planning and operational management for institutions
social services.

Resident e-cards

Your clients, recipients of social services, are registered in the system with the entry of detailed information about it:


  • Basic personal information, place of residence, contact information
  • Contact information about relatives, neighbors and proxies
  • Medical history, care recommendations
  • Documents, responsible employees, etc.

Social workers database

To provide quality social services to your clients, we need to have qualified social workers

Information about all employees keeping in the one database. They are easy to manage through a user-friendly interface, attach and detach recipients of social help, make comments about their work. The system keeps records of the issued material values, the timing of the analyzes and other information about your employee.

Visits registration

The PORUS Patronage solution solves the main problem associated with the complex process of registering the fact of provided services.

We offer a complete refusal of keeping a journals of visiting clients by social workers. Instead, we use telephone calls to confirm that the social worker has completed his work.

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100% commitment and transparency

Unfair employees simply do not have the ability to deceive you and not to visit their clients

Automatic filling of the database

All information about the visit automatically enters the system without additional actions – it’s that simple!

Savings on wages cost

Automatzation of processes allows you to reduce the staff that handles manual data management.

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